Some interesting facts about our company


Triblems Enterprises Limited is a Zambian company wholly owned by Zambians. It was formed on 28th September, 2001 and its offices are in Kitwe, Copperbelt, Zambia.

Triblems Enterprises Limited is a forward thinking and well established player in Engineering and Supplying solution to the Mining, Chemical and Mineral Industries

Triblems Enterprises Limited has a capacity to service orders of any value. Our expertise as an organization lies in providing quality Mining, Chemical and Industrial products and services at competitive prices and efficient delivery in accordance with the clients’ specifications and needs. Our services also includes: Electrical and instrumentation installations, Project Management, Civil and Mechanical installations

ISO Certifications and Quality Assurance
Triblems Enterprises Limited ’s Quality Policy applies to Principal’s manufacturing facilities and utilizes the same Quality System that is designed to comply with the requirements necessary to obtain the ISO certifications already received. The management of Triblems Enterprises Limited is committed to providing the resources necessary to maintain the Quality System and processes associated with ISO Certification and to strive for continuous improvement through quality management.

Triblems Enterprises Limited has always believed in a documented quality system to control and prevent quality related problems in the supplying process.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is the final step in delivering products and services to our customers. Triblems Enterprises Limited’s commitment to customer service plays a valuable role in achieving excellence in all phases of our business and remaining a reputable supplier.
Triblems Enterprises Limited remains committed to supporting our customer base with the products they require to serve their markets. It provides its customers with a comprehensive range of products and technical support, as well as operational, construction and allied services. Consequently, Triblems Enterprises Limited’s customers are assured of fast, efficient and reliable service, with minimum downtime in critical areas of production.

Proactive Service
After-sales service is the basis of Triblems Enterprises Limited’s partnership with the Mining and Mineral Industries.


We feel that a greatest part of the company is its people and our people are very nice an dfriendly to work with..